firewall online test

database moving error

To resolve this problem i need to purge the transaction logs first before performing the operation.  This can be done using:

  • Perform a Full Backup of the Server which in effect will purge the logs.  This can be performed by using Windows Server Backup or another product.
  • Enable Circular Logging, dismount/remount the database, then Re-enable Circular Logging.
After the transaction logs have been flushed, this error will no longer occur.


  1. 首先 卸下 battery
  2. 检查所有 USB ports
  3. reset bios

can i edit security policy settings with regedit?

Security policy settings are not in the registry.  They are kept in a special store that I normally inaccessible.  Only the LSASS has access to this policy store.  MS supplies SECEDIT and the Local GP and Local Security policy editors for adjusting this.  Currently there is no other tool that can change those settings.

exchange 2010 archive

Start-ManagedFolderAssistant –Identity “USER_ALIAS”

shutdown remote computer


shutdown /s /m \\remote computer name

cracking sound after sleep, hibernate,

upgrade the network card driver

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